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Sakiko Nakao
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Sakiko NAKAO is an assistant professor at Chuo University (Japan), where she teaches courses in African history and French area studies. She earned her Ph.D. in History from École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France. Her research interest is centered on the making of African identity and the processes of decolonization in West Africa. She analyzes Pan-African movement and its connection to anti-imperialism from a transimperial perspective. Her recent project focuses on the function of the concept of “race” as a form of belonging and its impact on the Pan-African movement, as well as its eventual linkage with Pan-Asianism, which developed in the same period.
Among her publications are: Nationaliser le panafricanisme: décolonisation au Sénégal, en Haute-Volta et au Ghana (1945–1962), Paris, Karthala, 2023; “Fighting for national liberation in Africa: pan-African itineraries and national settlements”, in Anaïs Angelo (éd.), Politics of Biography in Africa: Borders, Margins and Alternative Histories of Power, Routledge, 2021; “Panafricanisme ou nationalisme ? Présence Africaine : une tribune des politiques culturelles au temps de la décolonisation », Présence Africaine, no 198, 2018 (pp. 193-210) ; “Fighting Marginality: The Global Moment of 1917-1919 and the Re-Imagination of Belonging”, L’Atelier du CRH, no. 18, 2018, co-authored with Fabian Krautwald and Thomas Lindner.
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