The Myth of “Liberal” Fascism at the Transimperial Volta Congress on Africa in Rome, 1938

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The inclination of fascist regimes to settler colonization is a comparably new field of research, yet it is hardly surprising that settler colonialism was part of fascism’s destructive repertoire. It played a crucial role in the violent occupation of Eastern Europe (Germany), Libya and Ethiopia (Italy), as well as Korea and Manchuria (Japan).[1] Whether settler colonialism’s paramount purpose was the … Read More

Book Spotlight “German and United States Colonialism in a Connected World: Entangled Empires, Palgrave 2021”

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My book advances fresh insights to the study of German and United States colonial histories by turning attention to their transimperial and global dimensions.[1] More specifically, it approaches the German and United States colonial empires as entangled histories, abounding with exchanges. First, when envisioning this anthology, I wanted to counter the view that Germany and the United States represent an … Read More

Education between Empires: International Schools in East Asia during the First Half of the Twentieth Century

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In the late nineteenth century, under the global condition, all societies had to newly define their place in an increasingly interconnected world.[1] During the time of the “great divergence”, the industrially leading centres of power made use of their competitive advantages to shape global relations according to their designs.[2] These imperial societies projected their power into the world and pursued … Read More

Naturverinselung im Viktoriasee: Ökologische Erbschaften der transimperialen Kampagne gegen die Schlafkrankheit

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Zur Eindämmung der Schlafkrankheit gingen die Kolonialmächte in Afrika am Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts gesundheitspolitische und wissenschaftliche Kooperationen ein. Im Gebiet des Viktoriasees, das als zentraler Epidemieherd galt, wirkten sich die ergriffenen Maßnahmen auch auf die ökologische Umwelt gravierend aus. Eine bedeutende Folge der Epidemiepolitik bestand in der Verinselung von Natur. Dieser Ausdruck verweist auf einen Zusammenhang zwischen ökologischen, epidemiologischen, … Read More

The “Exploration” of Central Africa in the Late 19th Century as a Transimperial Project – The Example of Paul Pogge

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“I raise my glass to the civilization of Africa by simultaneous efforts of all nations under all flags”,[1] declared Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza on 19 October 1882 at the Paris Hotel Continental. Brazza, the French navy officer who had just come back from an expedition to central Africa weeks before, had come to the hotel uninvited. Here he joined a … Read More

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